Levy, Wage Garnishment, Liens

You just got a dreaded letter from the IRS!!! Intent to Levy, Notice of Levy, Wage Garnishment!!!!

They caught up with you!!! I am going to jail!!!

When you get a Notice of Levy or Wage Garnishment, usually the first reaction is to update your passport and run. Or get fake ID and get off the grid.

Well don’t. Stay in town and get the problems cleared up. First of all, there is no Magic Pill that can fix something that is unfixable. That being said the IRS does make mistakes and plenty of times there are things that can be done to, if not get rid of what you owe, at least reduce the amount.

Obviously if you pay them what they ask it all goes away. But what are your other options?


Lots of times you haven’t filed a return and they filed one for you. The IRS will file the most basic return they can by filing you single with no dependents and no write offs. I have found in that case by filing an amended return we can really help you.


Oh boy they are going to take my paycheck from me. Well if you don’t do anything they can take up to 90% of it. Leaving you almost nothing to live on. There is a solution but you have to act fast. By law they have to leave you enough to pay your bills with. We are not talking about paying your yacht, Condo in Aruba, your Lamborghini but your day to day living expenses. Mortgage or rent, food,  utilities, phones, health insurance etc. You have to give them a real statement of your monthly income and monthly expenses. We can help you do that and report every expense they allow you


Uh oh. They got you. The IRS has been sending you letters you never got, opened or just ignored. They are fed up and are warning you if you don’t get in touch with them within 30 days they are coming after you. The IRS is very serious about people ignoring them so its time to face the music and fix the problem


That’s it. You just keep on ignoring them and they have had enough. They are going after your bank accounts, your pay, your home just about anything they can get their hands on (including that yacht, Lamborghini and condo in Aruba). Don’t think about closing down your bank accounts and putting them or your house in your parent’s or kid’s name or taking that suitcase with cash to the Cayman Islands and depositing the money there. They will find out and that makes it worse. That could trigger jail time and those orange jumpers they make you wear are not user friendly.


I don’t know until we find out exactly what your problem is. Give us a call and let’s try to figure it out.


The initial consultation is free. Also, when you call, don’t forget to ask about our No-Fee Guarantee.